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Bộ Lưu Điên UPS Dosan Online 3KVA: UL-3000 (chưa bao gồm ac quy)

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ĐẶT HÀNG NHANH GIAO HÀNG NGAY (Free ship hàng toàn quốc)

Introduction: HQ II series Online HF UPS 1-3K is

adopted highest level DSP controlled UPS.

With advanced DSP technology, it’s not only high stable

but also with excellent performance.

Perfect Application:

Network, data center, servers and workstations, control system,

communication system and office etc.




Output power factor 0.9, offering more stronger load capability

Online double conversion HF UPS technology with DSP control , excellent performance and comprehensive protections for load and UPS

Wide input range frequency, compatible with almost all kinds of generators

System efficiency above 92%,thanks to the most advanced design bring higher efficiency to save using cost

Battery configuration flexible, 1kVA-24/36v,2kVA-48/72v,3kVA-72/96v etc

EPO function, emergency power off(optional)

Self-diagnosis when UPS start up

Cold start (DC power on)

Compact design and less noise

Lightening and Surge protection 1050J

Fan speed Varies according to load automatically

Standard USB interface,( dry contact,SNMP card optional )

Bộ Lưu Điên UPS DOSAN Online Model: UL-3000

Model UL-3000          
Capacity kVA/kW 3kVA/2.7kW    











Low transfer L-N:185 VAC ± 3% @ 100% load;130 VAC ± 3% @ 50% load

Or 85Vac ± 3%

Low back L-N:195 VAC ± 3% @ 100% load,195 VAC ± 3% @ 50% load Or 95Vac ± 3%
High transfer L-N:300VAC ± 3% Or Or 150Vac ± 3%
High back L-N:285 VAC ± 3% Or 140Vac ± 3%
Frequency range 50/60Hz+/-10%
Frequency SYN 46-54Hz at 50Hz/56-64Hz at 60Hz
phase 1:1phase ,L+N+G
Current THDI <5%(100%nonlinear load)
Power Factor ≥0.99
Generate Input Support
breaker 20A    









Voltage 208/220/230/240VAC or 110/120/127(1-3KVA)
Power Factor 0.9 (0.8optional)
Voltage regulation ± 2%
Frequency(Line Model) 46-54Hz at 50Hz/56-64Hz at 60Hz
Frequency(Battery Mode) 50/60Hz ± 0.02Hz
Current Crest Ratio 3:1
Harmonic Distortion ≤3% THD(Liner Load)
≤5% THD(Non-Liner Load)
Output waveform Pure Sine wave
Outlet Sockets(Optional) Terminals
Overload Capacity 105%<load<150% for 46sec ,150%<load<200% for30sec
System Efficiency Full Load≥92%






Number of Battery Per Set 8    
Battery Type Sealed, lead-acid, maintenance-free

standard model: 12V/7AH OR9AH inbuilt

long run model: battery external, capacity optional

Back Time Standard unit:


Long-run unit:

depends on external battery

Recharge Time(to 90%) 5 Hours    
Charger Current

(standard unit)

Charge Current

(long run unit)

Rated Battery Voltage 96vdc    
Protect Over-Voltage/Over-current/Low-voltage
Battery Socket Anderson like PowerPole Modular Connectors
Transfer Time Mains←→Battery 0ms
Mains←→Bypass 0ms
Optional Features Economic Mode(ECO Mode) Support
Indicator LCD Version (with LED) Load/Battery/Input/Output/Operating Mode Information etc.

Audible Alarm

Battery Mode Sounding every 4 seconds
Low Frequency Sounding every second
Overload Sounding twice every second
Fault Continuously Sounding
Physical Unit Dimension

(D*W *H)mm

Packing Dimension

(D*W *H)mm

Standard Unit

N/G W(kg)

Long-run unit

N/G W(kg)

Operating Environment 0-30°C
Relative Humidity 0-90%(non-condensing)
Altitude <1500m.when>1500m,derating
Noise Level <55dB at 1 Meter
Interface Standard RS232 interface,( USB ,dry contact,SNMP card optional )




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